Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Fairy Does Have Tail!

I can't believe how I've became such a stupid girl around these past few days. I spent my days in real life more often than before, that's good, but I hate it... and I hope I could forget the moments I was being moron asap. Aladdin seemed like trying to have a 'fight' with me, and well, I'll let him stay away from me for quite times :)


The lastest comic from Hiro Mashima-sensei! ^^ He was the one that created RAVE too! I love all of his comics! The stories, the characters, the drawing technic, all of the part of his artworks are really amazing! If you don't have any copy of the FAIRY TAIL comic, do jump here to read it online ;) I also do~
I love how Natsu from FAIRY TAIL looks alike Haru from RAVE :D Also Lucy - FAIRY TAIL with Ellie - RAVE. Musica - RAVE and Gray - FAIRY TAIL! I also saw Plue came around this comic as one of Lucy's stellar spirits. Such a deja vu!

Above are my favourite picts of FAIRY TAIL's Nakama team, ever!
Here are some pictures of Natsu <3

Gray rules my heart so damn much! :*

I can't describe how I really didn't realized the Sunday cartoon session on one of the TV programs was this -__- I just... I don't know that Hiro Mashima made another manga and, yeah, just like that :D

Hopefully you guys enjoy the picts just like me!